Yucca Extract















Yucca Shidigera in bloom


Jaybee Yucca Extract

An organic soil conditioner that contains natural plant steroids and saponins (natural soap). The two Yucca

active ingredients help alleviate these stress problems:

  • Moisture stress, either too little or too much
  • Compact soil
  • Soil pH too low or too high
  • Low soil organic matter

The steroids encourage faster growing, stronger, healthier roots by increasing microbial activity. Increasing root development will give better soil tilth and increase organic matter. The saponin acts as a surfactant (wetting agent) that aids in cell wall permeability and the movement of water through the soil.

Increased water movement, more air spaces and higher microbial population will help bring the pH into balance.

Uses of Yucca Extract:

  • Golf courses, lawns, parks, gardens
  • Vineyards, orchards, shrubs, trees
  • Add to compost and compost tea for activation of microbes
  • Fairy ring application
  • LDS (localized dry spots)

Natural Wetting Agent

  • Relieves Localized Dry Spots and ‘Fairy Ring’ dryness
  • Yucca is a natural liquid plant wetting agent for  hydrophobic, hard to wet soils
  • Improves water penetration into dry soil
  • Increases water retention in otherwise dry or problem soils
  • Beneficial to grass; improves root growth
  • Used on professional sports turf world wide
  • Easily applied by watering can, or by sprayer
  • Yucca is a completely safe natural non-toxic plant extract

Application Rate:

2 ml per M2

20 liters per hectare

6.3 oz per 1000 ft2

Repeat every 4 weeks until desired result is achieved