Humic / Fulvic Complexes

These are natural earth products, Humic & Fulvic complexes.  The dry complex is taken directly from a deposit in Southern Alberta and shipped in 25 kg bags or one tonne mini-bulk bags.

Ice Control on Turfgrass    

Our dry product is totally organic and starts to react when in contact with soil moisture or ice.

  1. The complex absorbs Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.
  2. This absorption initiates chemical reactions that cause a bio-organic transformation heat of reaction.
  3. The reaction will increase the surface temperature by 3-5ºF and the black color of the complex will further add to the increase.
  4. The residual action of the product will help activate microbial activity in the spring by catalyzing enzymes and increasing temperature.
    (Data supported by trials with the Alberta Research Council)

Application: easily applied with a Scott drop spreader at a rate that will give an even covering to darken the ice affected areas, approximately 4-5 lb per 1000 sq. ft.

Improve plant health and soil structure

Apply 250 kg/ha (225 lb/ac) total over one season, increasing to 300 kg/ha (265 lb/ac) for high sodium soils and for plants under disease pressure.

The liquid complex is an extract using only well water. No additives or chemicals are used in the process, keeping the very large humic and fulvic molecules in their natural form.

A bio-organically active liquid extract containing fulvic and humic complexes.  For general landscape and farmland apply 4 Litres per acre.




Microbial Bio-Stimulation

A bio-organically active liquid blend of Seaweed Extract and Humic/Ulmic/Fulvic complexes.

MBS is blended in the same ratio of Humic/Kelp trials done by Penn State and Virginia Tech. These trials showed a significant increase in bio-stimulation with increases in:

  • Root & shoot development
  • Drought tolerance
  • Salt tolerance
  • UV light tolerance
  • Heat tolerance

Bio-stimulants help plants help themselves.

Not all bio-stimulants are equal – Jaybee Dynamics uses only the best input products:

  • Tecologic Humic/Fulvic/Ulmic complexes are the base of our humic blend. This product comes from a deposit east of Milk River, Alberta. It is a very pure deposit that has been used for agriculture and medical applications with excellent results.
  • Norwegian Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosom) is from the pristine waters off the Norwegian coast line. It is an excellent source of kelp used in agriculture and animal nutrition.


Suggested program for Bio-stimulation and disease suppression:

Applications of MBS should start in the early spring and continue throughout the growing season.

For plant health enhancement apply SENTRY phosphite blend starting in April and through the growing season. SENTRY does not control plant diseases, but improves the health of the plant therefore assisting in activating the plant’s immune response mechanism.

Apply MBS at 50 ml per 1000 sq. ft.(55 ml per 100 sq. meters) every 3 weeks to monthly for frequent low dose maintenance. Increase to 100 ml and more frequent applications for plants under higher stress.

Apply SENTRY at 70 ml per 1000 sq. ft. (75 ml per 100 sq. meters) every 2 to 4 weeks.