Sustainable Growth Products

What are “Sustainable Growth Products/Materials”

“Sustainable” has become a catchy word for organic and environmentally concerned growers. Jaybee Dynamics products are sustainable as they benefit and protect the plants with no detrimental effects upon the environment.

Our humic/fulvic products and kelp extract are acceptable as “Organic”.

The Phosphite Fertilizer products cannot be labelled as organic, but are environmentally friendly as the phosphite is totally absorbed by the plant and eventually converted to the phosphate molecule after the oxidation process by microbes, effectively providing a slow release phosphate fertilizer. The phosphite form protects the plants from many fungal attacks. Our phosphite products are combined with humic/fulvic and kelp extracts to enhance the health and growth of plants.

Yucca Extract requires an added chemical used in the extraction process to release the beneficial saponins and steroids.



Humic / Fulvic Complexes


MBS is blended in the same ratio of Humic/Kelp trials done by Penn State and Virginia Tech. These trials showed a significant increase in bio-stimulation with increases in:

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Phosphite Fertilizer


Sentry is an inorganic fertilizer formulation containing Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese plus the bio-stimulation products Kelp Extract and Humic/Fulvic complexes.

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Jaybee Yucca Extract


An organic soil conditioner that contains natural plant steroids and saponins (natural soap). The two Yucca active ingredients help alleviate these stress problems:

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