Diamond K Gypsum Injection

Diamond K Applicator Tanks

175, 300, 475 gallon tanks



Sizes and Capacities:

65 gallon      450 lbs

175 gallon  1200 lbs

300 gallon  2000 lbs

475 gallon





The applicator puts gypsum into solution by water pressure alone – no agitation.  With only one moving part the applicator is basically maintenance free

The dry product is put into the tank and the sprinkler assembly washes out the product into a wet well or injection pump.

For every 10 psi of water pressure approximately 75 lbs of product will be injected in to the irrigation water.  The easy to read metering gauge permits accurate injection.

Compatible with all forms of irrigation including drip, micro, solid set, flood, pivots and linear in either high or low pressure flows.

Application of gypsum is constant throughout the irrigated area with no fluctuation in either gypsum flow or concentration.







Notes on Gypsum

The chemical formula for pure gypsum is Ca(SO4)2(H2O). In the chemically pure form, gypsum contains 23.28% calcium (Ca) and 18.62% sulphur (S) in the readily available sulphate form (SO4).  The gypsum provided by Diamond K Gypsum 97 is 22.5% Ca and 18.0% S

Jaybee Dynamics customers use gypsum injection for irrigation water and soils that are high in sodium, bicarbonates or both.  Gypsum has many benefits including:

  • In sodic (high sodium) soils, calcium displaces the sodium, that flushes out of the soil profile and ties up the bicarbonates where they are a problem, reducing the pH and improving soil structure
  • Sulphate ions can replace the hydroxyl ions on exchange sites in acid soils, increasing the pH
  • Very good available sulphur source
  • Decreases the loss of ammonia nitrogen by volatilization from applications of urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, etc.
  • Increased value of organic amendments as calcium binds organic matter to clay
  • Improve fruit quality (blossom end rot & bitter pit) and prevent some diseases

There are many more benefits: http://www.diamondkgypsum.com/pdf/The%20Many%20Advantages%20of%20Gypum.pdf

The same applicator can be used to inject:

  • Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50-18(S) fertilizer.  This sulphate form of potassium is 60-70% more efficient than 0-0-60 KCl chloride based potassium.
  • Potassium/Magnesium Sulphate KMS 0-0-22-11(Mg)-22(S) fertilizer.  A product that adds Magnesium when required.