Compost Tea

5 gallon Compost Tea Brewer



The 5 gallon brewer is ideal for the home owner who wants to keep a healthy lawn, shrubs and trees without overuse of fertilizers and chemical products.

This brewer comes in a 20 liter pail that will brew 5 US gallons of compost tea.

The 7 kg bag of compost and brewing ingredients that come with the brewer are enough to make 10 batches of compost tea, enough for at least one growing season.

It is easily assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning.

25 gallon Compost Tea Brewer



Our 25 gallon brewer is for larger yards up to 1 acre.

We provide the air pump, plumbing, compost and ingredients. You provide the container for the saving on freight costs.  The Roughneck waste bin from Rubbermaid is ideal and available at most hardware stores or you may have a decent used waste bin.

It comes complete with enough compost and brew ingredients for 4 full brews of compost tea.

50 gallon Compost Tea Brewer

The 50 gallon brewer is for larger acreages and small commercial operations.

It can purchased with or without the 55 gallon (210 liter) barrel.  A considerable amount of money will be saved by providing your own barrel as many businesses have used ones on hand.

This unit is very easy to assemble and disassemble for clean up.